Future Static shares exclusive photo diary behind their new explosive music video


Melbourne metal band Future Static are receiving all the attention they deserve right now, with their furious metal take on the Daddy Yankee classic ‘Gasolina’.

Daddy Yankee’s 2004 classic ‘Gasolina’ has been a cult favourite that is not just for reggaeton fans. It is one of those tracks that is sure to be a guilty pleasure for music fans from a range of tastes.

While this track always goes hard, it has never gone harder than this Future Static version. Front-woman Amariah Cook who was born in Melbourne and raised in Barcelona, spearheads this track with her fluent Spanish. Very much pulling together the vastly different metal and reggaeton worlds of her upbringing.

Accompanying the song is the adrenaline-filled music video directed by Colin Jeffs, known for his work on music videos for Make Them Suffer and Alpha Wolf. In homage to the original music video, with a revamped metal twist the shoot was filmed at a range of different locations, including a secret location for the motor vehicle stunt work.

Jeffs explains, “I am always about doing cool, hype clips that turn heads, and I felt like this song was the perfect tune to do a head-turner to. We tried to pay homage to the original video, with it being sexy and fun. We tried to modernise that and add our own flavour and flair to it. I think we did an excellent job of reimagining the song whilst still keeping a lot of the flavour of what it was like back in the day.”

Already at 114k views, this high-octane clip combines unhinged and seductive scenes with thrilling motor acrobatics, capturing the essence of the track.

Future Static has given us a look at behind the scenes of the filming process and the AU review is ecstatic about sharing their photo diary with you.

Day one – Getting the perfect intro shot for ‘Gasolina’. It’s amazing how much energy a metal box with speakers can create in a room, even when it’s not playing. We ended up passing it around in the party scenes and everyone just knew instinctively to kick things up a notch, it just brought the heat for every shot. The real star of the show is the Boombox, every time.

The fake house party for the shoot evolved into a real house party VERY quickly. In the back of all our minds, we knew it was going to end up that way, and none of us were mad about it at all. I guess you could call it method acting, whatever it is. We’re grateful to all of our friends who showed up and had a great time with not much notice.

A good part of surrounding yourself with great people is being able to do things like this with reduced risk of personal injury, or damage to property.

Day two – Getting ready to become the PS1 digitised sprites we were born to be. There’s no limit to what Colin Jeffs can do, his ideas come at you like a freight train, all you have to do is hang on and enjoy the ride.

You know, the best thing for a hangover is to shake your head around violently, and repeatedly. Is that face a culmination of regret, confusion, and the urge to blow chunks all over the green screen? Or is it acting? Like all of life’s great mysteries, I guess we’ll never know.

Brought a Ferrari and a hotted up Mazda on to the set for the extra steeze. The owners are also giving it their all in the group shots, absolute legends!

Standing by to stand by. Sometimes on a hectic shoot, it’s good to just sit back and have a chuckle. Halfway through the day, recharging and gearing up to do more tough guy/girl shit.

F L E X.

Day three – Without a doubt the most hectic day we’ve ever had on a video shoot. The stunt drivers we had on board were up for pretty much anything we came up with, and even had some creative input of their own. That’s not a hazer, it’s seven dudes doing a burnout simultaneously.

Jackson doing his very best to keep time with playback over the sound of motorbike engines, and doing a damn fine job, too. The posture, the concentration, this is what peak performance looks like.

Jack bringing the heat. When the background of your shot looks like this, you need to pull out something special to shift the focus.

Kira gunning it for the track, we did a fair few takes of the performance, and while the rest of us were trying to breathe through the tyre smoke, she held it down beautifully.

Ryan bringing the crabcore back in a big way. Trackies are optimal for getting maximum spread out of the foot stance.

Ami unleashing her inner Bruce Lee on the bike. Not to worry, no vehicles were harmed in the production of this music video.

Most likely the coolest shot to get on the day.

You can watch the finished masterpiece below:


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Header photo credit:  Beth Morrison