Exclusive Single Premiere: Eskatology ft. Steve Clisby “Good Trouble” (2021)


Indigenous hip-hop artist Eskatology hails from Adelaide and has been steadily making his mark in the Australian hip-hop scene. We are thrilled today to have the premiere of his latest track, “Good Trouble”, which features the killer vocals of soul legend, Steve Clisby. If you are in Adelaide, there is a show at Zhivago this Friday night, 30th April, to launch the single.

Eskatology writes about the background of “Good Trouble”:  “Good Trouble was written with the idea that we can all stand up for what we believe, no matter who you are. The title was inspired from Congressman and Activist John Lewis, who who spoke on getting into “Good Trouble” necessary trouble, and was great at advocating for the rights of his community with legislating voting rights. Steve Clisby grew up in the mostly segregated 50’s and saw a lot of the evolution of the Civil rights movement. Steve gives a good blend on not only what happened then but what is happening today with the black lives matter movement, and black deaths in custody here in Australia. This is not targeted at a singular group it is written to empower nations of peoples to stand up when they see injustice no matter your race, culture or nationality.”

Standing up for what you believe in, is something that Jono Stier (Eskatology) and Clisby are well familiar with. With Stier being a First Nations artist, he has experienced first-hand the challenges which his people face. Likewise for Clisby, who grew up in the United States in the 1950s when racial segregation was still prevalent.

This is one hell of a song.  It’s a heady mix of vulnerability, steely strength, compassion and wisdom. He may have his roots in hip-hop, but this is a song that appeals across genres. Clisby’s vocals are silky smooth, with a steely resolve.

The video is also just as moving, featuring footage from the Black Lives Matter marches, Clisby in the studio and Stier in a classroom with kids. It opens with a moving speech from Congressmen and activist John Lewis, who spoke of getting into “Good Trouble”.

Eskatology explains that it can be a struggle to always be fighting the good fight. It’s not always easy. “Some days I feel alright, other days I fight the good fight, cause every now and then I stumble” he sings,

“Good Trouble” will be released on all digital platforms on Friday, 30th April 2020. In the meantime, enjoy our preview below.


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