Exclusive Single Premiere: Doublethink Prism “#PAVLOVA” (2020)

We have the exclusive premiere of the song and video “#PAVLOVA” from the experimental electronic and spoken-word duo Doublethink Prism from Western Australia. The duo is comprised of Splodge who provides the words, and Steven Alyian who provides the sounds.

This is a thought-provoking track, with an incredible video.  The band describes it as “… a sickly sweet taste of more of the duo’s societal deconstructionist, tongue-in-cheek, industrially twinged techno hip-hop, evolving insanely yet gracefully with our ever-changing modern times into deeper, darker and more doublethink-ly disturbing territory. “

The duo are planning on releasing their second LP, MALAKUT GOLLIWOG, maybe later this year, following on from their debut A Prism Inside Your Pregnant Mind which was released in 2018. They had a setback in 2019, when Splodge suffered major heart problems, but thankfully it would seem that he has made a full recovery, as the video attests to.

Whatever you do, watch this video. It’s as beautiful as it is disturbing.

#PAVLOVA will be available on all platforms on the 11th September 2020.

Proceeds from their Bandcamp are currently being donated to ANTaR, a charity which focuses on working for justice, rights and respect for Australia’s First Peoples.

You can keep up to date with Doublethink Prism on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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