Exclusive Single Premiere: Bailey Judd “Brand New Car” (2022)

Bailey Judd

Melbourne-based electronic-indie artist Bailey Judd is bursting out of the blocks in 2022, with his latest release, “Brand New Car”. The track reflects on the challenges faced by a  musician in these modern times. The release of “Brand New Card” is eerily prescient, given the lack of support given to the arts industry and the thought of being able to buy a new car largely fantasy for most musicians.

With an 80s inspired synth-pop feel to it, “Brand New Car” is a joyous ride from start to finish, belying the angst felt by the protagonist. With a gift for a deft turn of phrase, a voice that can soar, compelling melodies and driving beats, the track is an irrepressible and luminous escape from our woes.

Bailey recorded and produced the track himself, and it was mastered by Adam Dempsey (Angie McMahon, Courtney Barnett, Eilish Gilligan).

About the track, Bailey writes: “The song was written during lockdown about the frustration of being a freelance musician making just enough money to make rent while watching your friends buy new cars and live an unattainable life. It is also about the societal voice telling you that your youth is running out, prescribing conformity in order to be loved and taken seriously in the capitalist world. The lockdown caused me to reflect on my parent’s paradoxical attitude towards money – striving to be rich but being irresponsible with the money they had.”

“Brand New Car” will be released on Friday, 21st January. In the meantime, enjoy our exclusive preview. To celebrate the release, Bailey will be performing at The Retreat Hotel in Melbourne on Wednesday nights in February. Details below.

Bailey Judd – ‘Brand New Car’ Residency at The Retreat Hotel, Brunswick, Melbourne

Wed 2 Feb | Supported by Moze and Eli
Wed 9 Feb | Supported by Pricilla Stanley and Jay Gabriel
Wed 16 Feb| Supported by DANDECAT and AstroVillian
Wed 23 Feb| Supported by Ella Clair and Half The Andes

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