Exclusive Single Premiere: Arches “Blue Sky” (2022)


Brisbane-based duo Arches know how to create silky smooth buttery bops, and their latest tune that is about to drop, “Blue Sky” is bursting at the seams with creativity and summery vibes. We are stoked to be premiering the track ahead of its release tomorrow. “Blue Sky” follows on from their previous two singles, “Pressure” and “South”

“Blue Sky” is an enticing genre-shifting blend of pop, rock, electronic and dance music. It’s angst-ridden (all of the others they think you and I yeah we’ll never last”), but with a total dance vibe. Combined with some slick production, they’ve created a tune that is going to keep floating around for days. The versatility and creativity of their youth shine through on this. “Blue Sky” is a banger that will feature on their setlists for years to come. They remind me a little of Stevan for home-spun inventiveness.

Samuela and Mason make up the duo, and their vocals both feature on the track. It was recorded in Mason’s studio. About “Blue Sky” the band says:  “The song just really naturally flowed together and was a pleasure to write. It started out with just a simple chord progression on my guitar recorded through my iPhone (which is used in the final recording). Then I added some electric guitar hooks and some punchy drums!!”

Arches will be performing as part of the Corduroy Sessions at The Zoo, in Fortitude Valley on Saturday 2nd April. Tickets are available HERE.

You can follow Arches on  Instagram, Soundcloud and Spotify

Bruce Baker

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