Exclusive Single Premiere: Amanduh “Sparks” (2024)


Naarm/Melbourne singer-songwriter Amanduh is on a creative roll. Earlier this year she released her debut EP, Pantsuits, and this week she is following it up with a new single, “Sparks”, and we are thrilled to be premiering it ahead of its release on Friday.

Amanduh’s songs are from the heart, and mined from her life experiences. Ex-boyfriends, relationships and feelings are her stock in trade, infused with sweet melodies and warm nostalgic vibes. She continues on in this vein with the wonderful “Sparks”, where she evaluates whether a relationship is delivering the joy and satisfaction that it should.

It opens strongly, with an intimacy and keen turn of phrase that grabs your attention:

You were my favourite person
Turns out you were just a lesson
and I’m pretty sure I’m not the first one
My friends confirmed it, I should have run

Amanduh draws you in with her intimate and confessional musings. The melodies are bright and warm, there’s a confidence and joy that permeates through the track, where she realises that is well and truly time to move on.

Amanduh shares with us her take on “Sparks”:  “Everyone can see that you’re not as a happy as you should be and then once it’s ended it clicks! This is ultimately a happy song because you’ve figured out that you deserve better. It’s a song about happiness, because you’re done wasting time on someone who just isn’t right for you.”

Here’s to tearing off that bandaid, and moving on. Fans of artists such as Maisie Peters, Gretta Ray, Mia Wray should find plenty to love here.

Be sure to pre-save “Sparks” HERE, ahead of its release on Friday

You can keep up to date with Amanduh via her website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube  and Spotify

Header image credit: Jesse Graham

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