Exclusive Premiere: Nikkita Ra “747” (2019)

From the ashes of the riotous girl-squad She Rex, their front woman Nikkita Ra has emerged to forge her own solo career. We are delighted today to have the Exclusive Premiere of her second single and it’s accompanying video, “747”.

The song ls a lovely lush dreamy track. You can put on your dancing shoes, sway a little (or a lot), and get lost in it’s ethereal beauty. The video conveys the message of getting out, getting a bit loose and losing yourself in the pleasure of it all. Get on board the 747 express, it’s going to be an out-of-this-world experience.

Nikkita gives us a little background about the motivation for the song.
“I often write political songs, songs about heartache, songs about my strange spiritual dogma. So, in what comes naturally, I have struggled to write ‘party tracks’. ‘747’ is my attempt at that. Its about going out and getting high, whatever that is to you. Could just be getting down on a dance floor to the early am. Something that frees you from mind-gravity. Then its about getting home in the morning and crashing out. Whatever goes up must come down kinda thing. Play hard and then sleep softly. Full circle.”

The video was produced by P3E, who has worked with Cloud Control and others.

Check out the beauty that is “747”, ahead of it’s official release tomorrow.


Nikkita has the following gigs coming up:

July 12th: Oriental Hotel, Newcastle – free
July 27th: Angel Music Bar, Melbourne – tickets HERE
August 3rd: Warehouse Show, Sydney – tickets HERE
August 9th: The Flamin Galah, Brisbane – tickets HERE
August 10th: The Brewery, Byron Bay – free

You can keep up to date with all things Nikkita on her Facebook and Instagram pages

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