Exclusive EP Premiere: The Elsewheres – Run Away With Me (2023 EP)

The Elsewheres

Melbourne-based technicolour folk-rock group The Elsewheres are releasing their debut EP “Run Away With Me” this Thursday, 3 August. Here at The AU Review, we have the pleasure of premiering the soulful mix prior to its release!

Run Away With Me boasts five heartfelt songs that touch on the realities of love, depression and defeat. The EP is characterised by twangy guitars, saxophones and husky, authentic vocals, subtly reminiscent of the Gang of Youths.  Amongst this release is their already-released single “Take My Hand”.

About the EP, front man Oliver Northam writes:

“Casting my mind over the years that have seen this EP come to fruition brings to the fore so many fond memories. Our first ever jam on Run Away With Me way back in 2018, and how much it meant to be playing my Garageband track in real life with my friends. Strumming away on the chorus of Take My Hand in my childhood home, weeks after nearly saying goodbye to all of it. Stinging my fingers perfecting the guitar line for If Your Love Was Still Mine on my dad’s rusty dobro. Smiling for hours as one by one our parts were recorded and the EP slowly assembled itself. Laughing as I sang Hurricane to my partner for the first time. 

It is on these moments that I try to focus because in reality this project has been one of the most difficult creative endeavours to realise. Endlessly rescheduling studio sessions due to the snap lockdowns, and pushing back the timeline relentlessly to make sure we had every asset in time. Navigating a course through all the interrelationships between collaborators, bandmates, and my own personal life. All the while working full-time, organising gigs, and battling an anxiety that wished only for me to stay beneath the covers of my bed. 

I think perhaps to enjoy the highs you must endure the lows, and I’m so grateful that in both I have had The Elsewheres. This silly old band represents my closest friends, and so many of my happiest moments. Even if no one else listens to a single note, I know we’ve captured a little piece of the joy we’ve had together.”

Forceful yet fun, the EP explores a plethora of themes and emotions, with tracks like “Long Long Way,” “If Your Love Was Still Mine,” and “Take My Hand” delving into the deep and serious aspects of romance and love. On the other hand, “Hurricane” exudes joviality and wholesomeness, while my personal favourite, “Run Away With Me,” is a fearless and passionate celebration of reckless love. Despite their individuality, the songs mesh together perfectly, creating a cohesive and charming release.

The Elsewheres accompany the release of the video for “Take My Hand”, animated by Jasper Turpie and Yee Hui. The visceral animation and symbolism immerse you in the heart of the storyline, giving context to the evocative lyrics.


The Elsewheres will celebrate their achievements with a special launch show at Melbourne’s John Curtin Hotel on August 10. It’s a unique chance to experience the compelling music, life, love, and fun that The Elsewheres offer. Oliver invites everyone to come for a boogie, a laugh, and maybe a tear or two, with local visual art displayed around the venue and special guests Fairtrade Narcotics opening the night. You can get tickets HERE.

So, do enjoy our exclusive premiere of this very special record.

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Header Image Credit: WILK