Bipolar Sunshine shares his top 5 Aussie artists, including his favourite song

Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine is the solo project for singer/songwriter Adio Marchant. His voice is probably familiar, on records from DJ Snake, Petit Biscuit and, San Holo. He has also created with Gryffin, Lil Yachty, Beyonce and more. He featured on DJ Snake’s 2015 track “Middle’, which has had around 300 million YouTube views.  He also co-wrote the  Grammy-winning song “Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce and WizKid. That’s some serious talent.

He was born in the UK, but now finds himself living in LA, and his latest track ‘CRUISE N CRASH’ dropped last month. It’s high energy, showcasing that silky powerful voice. The tempo ebbs and flows, building, gracefully shadow boxing whilst the emotion seeps through every pore.

Of the track, he says “This is the extremely hostile and rampant version of myself that I’ve been wanting to show for a while now. Time to put all cards on the table”.

To celebrate the release of “CRUISE N CRASH”, Bipolar Sunshine has put together a list of 5 of his favourite Australian artists. And furthermore, for each of the artists, his favourite track of theirs. It’s a great list. So, do check out “CRUISE N CRASH”, then read on.


Bipolar Sunshine’s Top 5 Aussie artists


He has an incredible vibe and his vocal tone is something that I’m really into. I’m madly excited to hear what he does next. Bright future ahead for sure.

Favourite song: “Unnatural”



She has an amazing talent for writing special hooks that stay in ya head for days. Been following her journey as we are label mates. It’s dope to see her rising. Her style will no doubt shine through.

Favourite song: “BIRYANI”


Tame Impala

Easily one of the best artists in the world. Kevin Parker has created a sound that has shaped music of the last 10 years. I feel like he is always getting better. The psychedelic creator is by far one of the artists that I hope to work with in the future

Favourite song: The Less I Know The Better



This guy super fire! The kids been making big waves for a hot minute now. Got into him a while back when I heard him with Juice WRLD. Hope to catch him live soon as his shows look wild.

Favourite song: “Not fair (feat. Corbin)”



Ultimate vocal queen. Her melodies are superior. She really made me understand the term singer/ songwriter a lot more as she has excelled on both. That really gave me confidence to pursue the same goals.

Favourite Song: One of my favourite Sia records is a garage remix by Exemen called Little Man. This song laid a full vocal template for a whole genre.


Justin Stewart Cotta

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