22 Artists To Watch in 2022

Now a month and a half into the year, 2022 has started off well with plenty of notable albums and singles released so far both domestically and abroad. But what about those acts that we think are going to burst out and make waves this year? Below we’ve compiled a list of 22 artists that are on the precipice of cracking the big time this year, in Australia and around the world.

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Molly Millington

A broad and enticing brand of alt-pop, the Central Coastee sings and writes from the heart, hiding at times some darker themes behind soaring and fulfilling arrangements that are all held together sweetly by Millington’s stellar vocals.

Key Song: “October”


The Adelaide act has popped up on festival and tour lineups nationwide for good reason. Versatile vocals and abrasive screams over complex drums and beefy guitars make them stand out from the crowd. The band blends atmospheric soundscapes with fiercely passionate performances that will have you moving from the get go. – Dylan Oxley

Key song: “Devil’s Cut”

Big Skeez

Straight out of Western Sydney and signed to NLV Records, Big Skeez is already making massive noise in the Sydney dance scene. With beats and melodies with heavy afrobeat and dancehall vibes, I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Skeez makes a hefty impact on the Australian dance scene this year.

Key Song: “Where Yuh From”


The Sydney duo are crafting delicate and intrinic sounds within the lo-fi indie space that make you feel all light, happy and ready to take on the world. Recently signed to Broth Records, Morgues is at the forefront of new Australian music in 2022.

Key Song: “Outer Space”

Casey Barnes

Giddy up cowboy. Hailing from the Gold Coast, Casey Barnes is Australia’s answer to Zac Brown. With slots already in support of Lady A and Bryan Adams, his upbeat brand of country is ready to go to the next level with his new album Light It Up scheduled for release in late February.

Key Song: “Get to Know Ya”

Yot Club

The moniker of Mississippi artist Ryan Kaiser, Yot Club is a great mix of lo-fi indie and dance, managing to find a sound not dissimilar to The Drums (at their early 2010’s peak), with elements of Rufus Du Sol and Mac Demarco thrown in for good measure. Yot Club released their most recent EP, Santolina, earlier in 2022.

Key Song: “Deer Island”


Glossy Irish indie pop; what more could you want. On the back of their most recent EP Banshee, NewDad has broadened their horizons and sounds in 2022. With a slot on SXSW confirmed for later in the year, 2022 is shaping up to be glorious for the Galway four-piece.

Key Song: “Say It”

Future Static

Melbourne’s melodic hardcore five-piece has turned heads at every step and people can’t get enough. New frontwoman Amariah Cook’s glossy vocals and deep growls, plus technical guitar work and frenetic drums set them apart from their peers. With just one song out as the updated band, they are already known for their high-energy live shows. – Dylan Oxley

Key song: “Waves”

Yard Act

Already with a massive debut album in the can for 2022, Yard Act is the buzz band on everyone’s lips. Delivering an off-kilter and humourous take on British life in 2022, Yard Act is definitely bound for bigger stages and rooms sooner than you’d think.

Key Song: “Pour Another”

Darcie Haven

With only one song released so far in the form of “I Wanna Be”, everything is headed in a positive direction for the Perth native. Heavenly and easing vocals designed to be sung with the car windows down, picture a sound somewhere in the realm of Holly Humberstone and Soccer Mommy; it won’t be long before Darcie is sharing stages with acts like these.

Key Song: “I Wanna Be”

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

Kicking around for a couple of years now, the best band with the best name, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers deliver a punk-tinged rock sound that has massive levels of nostalgia and pop sensibilities. New single “Miss Your Birthday” appears to be the band taking the next step towards their deserved success.

Key Song: “Miss Your Birthday”


Seemingly coming out of nowhere in the second half of 2021, 1300 are a hip hop group first and foremost. Seamlessly blending beats and lyrics rapped in both English and Korean, the five piece from Sydney are bound to smash it both domestically and internationally over the coming 12 months.

Key Song: “Smashmouth’

East Capri

The Brisbane alt-rock duo are one of the most diverse heavy acts to emerge in the last year. Combining pop and electronic elements with punk lashings, their debut EP featured in-house production by guitarist Jackson Deasy. Bright synths and vocal sampling over commanding riffs and huge beats create the foundations for tuned vocals and fervent screams. – Dylan Oxley

Key song: “Danger to Myself”

Old Mervs

Part surf rock, part stoner rock, Old Mervs are melodic and cruisey much in the same vein as Ocean Alley, Spacey Jane and Sly Withers. Sure to nab a few support slots on bigger stages this year, the West Australian band are onto something special.

Key Song: “Wait Around”

Kanada The Loop

Possibly the love child of Superorganism and Mac Miller, the Adelaide rapper/ producer has their finger on the pulse of everything new and cool in music at the moment. With quirky production, infectious beats and a smooth flow, I’d be surprised if you weren’t already aware of Kanada The Loop. I’d be even more surprised if they don’t completely slaughter 2022.

Key Song: “Zoom In”

Coconut Cream

Layers and layers of crisp harmonies and masters of their instruments, the Sydney band know how to write a magical track that leaves you wistfully wanting more. Nestled somewhere between Stella Donnelly and Middle Kids, Coconut Cream is chugging along but ready to hit full steam at any time.

Key Song: “Safety Net”


Kye will be the next big thing in Australia R&B. With neo-soul splashes, dance floor ready beats and vocals that will set her apart, after already kicking massive goals in the second half of 2021 on the back of EP Good Company, I’d be genuinely surprised if Kye doesn’t dominate the domestic (and international) landscape in the next couple of years.

Key Song: “Gold”


While Binki has been around for a couple years now, the Pennsylvanian rapper already feels like a master of his craft. With a sound that honestly feels like a funked up throwback to The Rapture with even a little bit early Jamie T, you feel like Binki is on the verge of making it big on the home front and elsewhere.

Key Song: “Sea Sick”

Cloe Terare

Straight out of Toowoomba and ready to take on the world, Cloe Terare is Australia’s answer to Doja Cat. With an innovative take on the 2022 pop scene, her flow and lyrics, matched with an Rnb beat will bring plenty of accolades the way of Cloe very, very soon.

Key song: “Cadillac”

Brooke Combe

Originally cutting her teeth by posting Arctic Monkeys covers, the Scottish act delivers an honest and robust sound that rivals the bounce and forceful nature of acts like Bishop Briggs. Her vocals are rich, pure and full and will do as many wonders in a small headlining show or on a bigger supporting stage acting as main support.

Key Song: “Impress You”


The California native is riding the wave of moderate success in 2021. A little bit Remi Wolf, a little bit Sycco, the quirky nature of Morgen’s music allows it to be as expansive or subtle as you’d want. Morgen is the exact type of act you’d expect to be named on Laneway Festival. The releasing of her debut EP Unaccompanied Minor in late 2021 has set the scene for what shapes to be a huge 2022.

Key song: “Fine By Me”


Brisbane’s experimental hardcore act are on the tongues of local punks everywhere. Groove-laden passages and tasty breakdowns complemented by glitchy effects and industrial synths establish these guys as one of the country’s most promising heavy acts. Harsher cuts with blistering screams permeated by softer moments and delicate cleans make them one to keep a close eye on. – Dylan Oxley

Best song: “Empty Space”

Unless specified, all contributions by Dylan Marshall.