Krooked Kings share new album All Out of Good Days and favourite Aussie artists

Credit: Makena Chatlin

Salt Lake City indie-rock quintet Krooked Kings have returned with their awaited sophomore record All Out of Good Days, released yesterday via Nobody Gets It. After a successful debut album with The Comedown in 2021, the band have gone on to perform at SXSW, sell out their West Coast tour and dominate Spotify playlists.

Featuring the singles “Lying Through Their Teeth”, “Carbon Monoxide”, “Sick of Being Young” and “Coming of Age”, All Out of Good Days was produced and recorded by acclaimed surf rocker Day Wave. The dynamic album boasts upbeat rhythms, dreamy guitars and laidback vocals with provocative lyrics – not to mention the awesome artwork.

Since Australia is one of the band’s biggest fanbases, we asked Krooked Kings to share their favourite local artists with us.

Good Morning

We found ourselves listening to these guys on the last tour and were really able to dive and enjoy their music deeper.

Spacey Jane

I think Paul really got us into Spacey Jane, but we all have found ourselves listening to them numerous times while on the road and on tour.


One of the bigger inspirations for the Krooked Kings and a band that all of us have listened to, and we have found ourselves coming back to, for reference in our own music.

Dope Lemon

Oli was a big Dope Lemon fan and showed the rest of the band right before COVID hit, bringing back fond memories of jamming then just hanging out together during COVID when times were strange.

Phoebe Go

Our manager sent us her EP Player and it’s just flat-out amazing. We rinsed it for like a month in the tour van. Perfect driving music. Her melodies feel effortless and intentional at the same time.

All Out of Good Days is now available to stream everywhere. Follow Krooked Kings on Facebook and Instagram for more.