Sony announces next-gen PlayStation VR headset coming to PS5

PlayStation VR PS5

Most were not expecting Sony to announce a PS5 iteration of its PlayStation VR headset. Announce it they did though, via the official PlayStation blog.

Sony confirmed that work is underway on a next-gen PlayStation VR headset for the PS5. The headset promises significant performance improvements on the current model. One of the most significant changes is that the headset will connect to the PS5 via a single cable. This eschews the set-top box included with the original headset. Sony also promises improved resolution, increased field of view, and an entirely new input method designed to improve the overall VR experience.

New controller, huh?

The input method is by far the most interesting aspect of this new headset. The new model does away with the aging PlayStation Move controllers used with the original PSVR. Outmoded and lacking functionality compared to modern VR inputs, getting rid of the Move is the right play. Move was originally released for the PS3. A response to the Nintendo Wii’s runaway success, it was later pressed into service as VR controllers so that Sony didn’t have to write them off completely. Sony intends to replace the Move controllers with something more in line with its DualSense PS5 controller.

This is an interesting decision because, to date, VR controller design has been about creating a sense of using your real hands to manipulate a digital world. Sony’s decision to go with an (apparently) traditional control pad indicates that they’re looking to create more experiential VR content. Theoretically, these will be VR games you can sit on the couch for, rather than turning an entire room into a holodeck.

Finally, Sony confirmed that the new PlayStation VR headset would not launch in 2021. It says that development is well underway that multiple studios are at work on new games and experiences for the hardware.
Will we see more at tomorrow’s State of Play broadcast? We’ll find out at 9AM AEDT.

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