First PlayStation State of Play broadcast of 2021 set for Friday

State of Play

The first PlayStation State of Play broadcast of 2021 will stream on Friday morning, February 26. News of the broadcast came among a raft of PlayStation news yesterday. First, a brand new PlayStation VR headset underway at the hardware maker. Then, the next stage of its PlayStation At Home initiative was announced. Finally, the news of Sony’s next big show-and-tell arrived.

The broadcast itself will run for around 30 minutes and will spotlight updates on 10 existing titles coming to PS4 and PS5. Among updates on a number of third-party and indie titles, it will feature a number of new game announcements too. This is congruent with the previous State of Play instalments, which prefer a mix of new announcements, live game updates, and an indie showcase over an E3-style onslaught of new content.

The full announcement came from the official PlayStation Blog, and you can read the post in full here.

The last time PlayStation held a broadcast like this was in November last year, shortly before the launch of the PlayStation 5. The company now turns its attention to the future of its nascent, next-gen platform and what players can expect from it moving forward.

What do we expect to see during the show? Deathloop for sure. Probably nothing in God of War Ragnarok just yet. Maybe a new Horizon trailer if we’re lucky? Perhaps a deep dive into Sony’s plans for the new PSVR? We’ll have to wait and see. Don’t set your hopes too high though — this isn’t an E3 showcase, it’s just an update on how things are going.

The broadcast will kick off at 9:00AM AEDT on Friday, February 26. For start times in every Australian and New Zealand timezone, head over here. State of Play will stream on Twitch and on YouTube via PlayStation’s official channels.


David Smith

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