Author: Viv Lumley

Matt Caughtran talks about The Bronx’s V, and dealing with depression in the rock industry

August 11, 2017

Los Angeles rock quintet, The Bronx, return after eight years with their fifth album titled V . Talking with lead singer Matt Caughtran, he filled me in on the works of the album. There’s significant changes to lyrics that seems to be more based on current world events and society on V, instead of the bands personal […]

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Album Review: Make Them Suffer – Worlds Apart (2017 LP)

July 26, 2017

Perth based sextet Make Them Suffer are back with their glorious third studio album, Worlds Apart. I will be honest, heavy deathcore is not my norm. But, as an angsty teen growing up in a depleting economy where a Thrasher T-shirt is more than my rent, I still find myself turning towards the choleric, emotion dripping genre […]

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Pallè Mazzulla introduces us to Perth’s Death By Denim and debut EP, Suburban Royalty

June 6, 2017

If you are looking for a band to help fill the gaping hole Sticky Fingers hiatus left, Perth band Death By Denim is exactly what you are looking for. With influences like Sti Fi and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the bands spirited blend of indie pop and rock are youthful soulful all at the same […]

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Falling For You: The Harpoons’ 2014 debut album still charms

June 2, 2017

Melbourne based four piece, The Harpoons, are an infectious group of siblings and mates, who came together way back in to create some incredibly catchy tunes throughout their careers. Starting as young teens, brothers Henry and Jack were busy jotting down songs taking inspiration from R&B and Disco from the sixties and seventies. Bec Ridges […]

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Why every bucket list needs to include the Naadam Festival in Mongolia

May 24, 2017

Set in the largely untouched serenity of Mongolia, the Nadaam Festival is a must do for absolutely any adventurer. This festival – which is “The National Holiday of Mongolia” – fills every empty space with eclectic colours and strong spirits. Its main event, the ‘three games of men’ is held in Ulaanbaatar, where some of […]

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Album Review: Joe Goddard – Electric Lines (2017 LP)

May 3, 2017

British ‘left hand’ pop artist, Joe Goddard, has finally graced us with his second LP, Electric Lines. It’s been a long eight year wait since his debut solo album Harvest Fest, but makes up for it with the 10 tracks on the LP full of irresistible, futuristic hymns. Starting off as a member of Hot […]

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Skipping school to talk beer and the tour life with Skegss’ Benny Bograil

April 11, 2017

Last Thursday, I snuck away from the last 20 mins of music theory during school to have a chat to the very cool Benny Bograil (lead singer) from Skegss. The trio from Byron Bay have shot up in popularity amoungst the Australian youth in the past year, with tunes such as “L.S.D” and “Spring Has Sprung”. Upon […]

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Album Review: The Waifs – Ironbark (2017 LP)

March 22, 2017

To celebrate 25 years in the business, The Waifs have delivered their glorious eighth LP, Ironbark. They asked their fans what they wanted, and delivered a stunningly created 25 song album. All tracks were recorded at the Karl Marx beared guitarist, Josh Cunningham‘s quaint bushland house in rugged Moruya in New South Wales. Still very […]

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Album Review: Sons of Volt – Notes of Blue (2017 LP)

February 28, 2017

One of the most influential bands of the 90’s alternative-country movement, Son Volt, are back and better than ever. The LP, Notes of Blue, is the band’s first since 2013, made up of 10 blues galvanised tracks, inspired by a glorious mix of Skip James and English acoustic guitarist Nick Drake. Having grown up listening […]

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