Day: 23 June 2024

Interview: Birder director Nate Dushku, writer Amnon Lourie and actor Michael Emery on violent choreography and the importance of an intimacy coordinator

Consent has never been deadlier. Winner of Best 1st Feature at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Birder is an erotic thriller that pushes the limits of queer sexual intimacy on screen and tells a compelling story about what it means to be queer, sex positive, and vulnerable. Starring Michael Emery in a chilling turn as Kristian…

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Film Review: Birder is a grisly, queer chiller that offers refreshing conversation and genre thrills

“Live Free or Die” So says the state motto of New Hampshire, something that some people take a little too seriously, especially those within the realms of Nate Dushku‘s Birder, a grisly, queer thriller centred around an enigmatic serial killer and the nudist camp he preys upon. The “birder” of the title introduces himself as…

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Live Review: Reliqa mesmerize on the Brisbane stop of their Secrets of the Future Tour (20.06.24)

Escaping from a brisk Brisbane winter mere minutes before showtime, I found myself wedged far from the stage between the mixing desk and merch table, surrounded by a sea of eager fans filling the upper and lower decks of Brisbane’s iconic venue, The Brightside. In this little corner of Fortitude Valley, Sydneysiders Reliqa continued their…

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