Day: 22 December 2023

Interview: Anyone But You‘s Joe Davidson on risky auditions, Aussie slang and THAT shower scene

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell may be generating plenty of heat throughout their new romantic comedy Anyone But You, but there’s some distinct Australian flavour ready to challenge the duo in the form of one Joe Davidson. The Queensland-born actor, who looks as if he’s a long-lost brother to the famed Hemsworth clan, has snared…

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Film Review: Anyone But You; Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell generate heat and humour in sexy, throwback romcom

Even if Anyone But You isn’t the type of film that would ordinarily interest you, it’s difficult to not know about Will Gluck‘s frisky romcom due to the “Are they/aren’t they” chemistry of stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, two impossibly gorgeous actors who leaned into their own sex appeal during the filming in Sydney…

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Book Review: In The Girl In The Band Belinda Chapple exposes the ruthless entertainment industry

The Girl In The Band is a tell all memoir from Australian singer, creative director and interior designer Belinda Chapple. Chapple made a name for herself as a singer, dancer and model, starting her performing career at just ten years old. She shot to stardom as a member of the award-winning and platinum-selling band Bardot….

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Series Review: Dr. Death Season 2 proves equally charming and unnerving as it details its sinister surgeon

Given how implicitly we (mostly) trust those in the medical profession it makes sense that such praise could give way to their intentional negligence.  And such is the case with the stories behind Dr. Death, a (now) anthology series that takes its inspiration from the Wonderey podcast that detailed egregious cases of medial malpractice. The…

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Circus 1903

Review: Roll up, roll up! Circus 1903 is a dazzling reflection of the traditional and spectacular travelling circus.

There are circus performances, and then there are circus performances. Circus 1903, with a very limited run at the Sydney Opera House, is a visual feast, dazzling audiences and leaving jaws on the floor with serious talent. This show has aerialists, contortionists, cyclists, jugglers, strongmen, clowns, and everything in between. Circus 1903, which toured across…

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