Day: 27 January 2023

New Music Discoveries 27th January: Short Wave Craft, Girl Scout, Kimbra and more

This week we have added another ten new tracks to our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. “I Need You Tonight” from trip-hop project Short Wave Craft is our Track of the Week. Short Wave Craft is a joint collaboration between producer Dominic Owen (Biggie Smalls, Anthony Hamilton) and underground musician, Tom Carr. “I…

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Just Right is a beautiful, comedic look at obsessive-compulsive disorder: Slamdance Film Festival Review

There’s a lot to be said about mental health – and here, specifically, obsessive-compulsive disorder – within the short minutes of Just Right.  So much so that you can’t help but wish Camille Wormser‘s charmingly off-centred comedy was expanded to feature length, but, as it stands, it’s no less funny and affecting as a commentary…

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Cat Person is an uneven, personality-confused thriller spearheaded by a committed Emilia Jones and Nicholas Braun: Sundance Film Festival Review

It goes without saying that the topical interest in Kristen Roupenian’s 2017 short story “Cat Person”, which ran in The New Yorker, before going viral online, is ripe for a filmmaker to adapt and expand.  Unfortunately, director Susanna Fogel can’t quite secure a grip on proceedings, clumsily handling the film’s tone and undermining its central…

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