Day: 1 October 2020

Wellness coaching is the new spring cleaning

As the end of 2020 approaches and with everything the world has gone through this year, it may have left some of us feeling bewildered and overwhelmed. Whether your financial situation has changed, fitness levels have declined or your overall wellbeing has taken a toll, consulting with a wellness coach may be the first step…

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Exclusive Single Premiere: Gangz “Evils” (2020)

The boys from Ballarat, Gangz, are about to release their latest single, “Evils”, and we’re thrilled to be able to premiere it today on the AU. It’s a fun summer-tinged tale of growing from the harder moments in your life. Speaking about their new single, the band says, “Evils is about embracing all the bad…

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WATCH: Young Franco on “Two Feet”, manicures and moving to Sydney

Young Franco has been making iso-2020 feel like we’re still ripping up a dance floor on the weekends even though in reality, we’re just vacuuming. His tracks are iconically electro-disco dance brushed with a stroke of hip hop that makes it impossible to sit still while listening. This year’s phenomenally successful track “Juice” feat. Pell…

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Kuya James

Track by Track: Kuya James takes us through his debut album ISA

Last week Kuya James released ISA, his debut album, which is a formidable collection of songs and collaborations with some of the exceptional artists from the Northern Territory. Kuya James is the moniker for James Mangohig. As well as his songwriting skills which are up in lights on this album, he is an accomplished producer….

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Book Review: Morrigan Crow returns in Jessica Townsend’s Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow

Morrigan Crow has finally found a place to call home. Spending her days with her Wundrous Society classmates, and her evenings with the inhabitants of the magical Hotel Deucalion, Morrigan can now focus on her real task: mastering her growing Wundersmith powers. But something strange is happening in Nevermoor. Well, stranger than usual. Nevermoor’s peaceful…

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The Nude Party

Album of the Week: The Nude Party – Midnight Manor (2020 LP)

When I first put on the pre-stream of Midnight Manor, the second album from The Nude Party, I’d just got home from a long day back in the office after seemingly having never left my house for the last six months. Just as I wondered what I was going to cook for dinner having forgotten…

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Track of the Day: Something For Kate “Come Back Before I Come Back To My Senses” (2020)

Something For Kate have just dropped their latest single, “Come Back Before I Come Back To My Senses”. This is the fourth single from their upcoming album, The Modern Medieval, their first in eight years. It’s a slow builder, a love song, with two main protagonists featuring. These are excitement and fear. They know that pursuing…

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‘Looking past the Pandemic’ with Emi Secrest from Memphis, Tennessee

Keeping travel dreams alive and setting goals has never felt more important. We can all agree that 2020 has been an unfortunate year so far, and almost every facet of daily life has been wrought by this ongoing global pandemic, the start of which now feels like forever ago. The arts has been one of…

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