Day: 7 August 2013

the AU interview: Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge (London)

“It’s really fun to speak to some real people in Australia before we get there, because obviously we won’t know anyone!” With her sweet-as-pie, distinctly British voice, genuine girl-next-door vibe and serious fashion cred… I have a feeling Aluna Francis will have no trouble making new friends. AlunaGeorge have been touring Europe and the UK,…

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the AU at Grease: The Musical rehearsals (Australian Tour, 2013)

Last week we had the opportunity to head along to the Sydney based rehearsals of the upcoming, multi-million dollar revival of Grease: The Musical, which will be touring Australia from later in the month. Pictured below, courtesy of Nathan Atkins, are some photos from the cast rehearsing one of the musical’s most iconic tracks “Grease…

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Possible Worlds Film Review: White Reindeer (USA, 2013)

Surely everyone gets excited about Christmas, right? Well Suzanne Bennington does! White Reindeer, written, directed and edited by Zach Clark, follows a period of where Suzanne (Anna Margaret Hollyman), a real-estate agent, deals with the sudden death of her husband Jeff (Nathan Williams), the local TV weatherman. This so happens during her favourite holiday season…

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