The AU Introduces Theo Verney (Brighton): Talking at The Great Escape about his brand new EP "Brain Disease" (Out Now)

In his first ever Australian interview, while at The Great Escape in Brighton, the AU Review meets local musician Theo Verney, who chats about the appeal of unofficial shows, 'sneaking a bit of liquor into your life' and developing focus artistically. Curating songs has always been a hallmark of the maturing artist and with Theo's new EP Brain Disease, he speaks of perfectly placed high hats. He looks back on his history with The Great Escape and talks about bringing his new material to another level in the live environment. At one point in our video interview below, the soulful, psychedelic artist even jams out to "Super Freak" by Rick James.

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Andrew Phelan of The River and The Road (Vancouver) talks new music and Summer festivals

In the two years since they were last in Australia, The River and the Road have been refining their new album, touring all over Canada from Halifax to Vancouver twice and planning another Australian tour. Cross pollination in the studio lends itself to a tighter live act and plenty to look forward to... now they've finally escaped winter. Larry caught up with Andrew Phelan from the group while at Canadian Music Week to talk about it all.

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Skegss (Byron Bay) on Toronto, New Music and getting booted out by Blur

Byron Bay outfit Skegss sat down with us while at The Aussie BBQ during Canadian Music Week to chat all things college parties, not caring about Blur and finding long lost motivation. With an EP recorded in the wake of an intrusion to their stay at Converse Studios New York, the boys are keen to kick back for a while and start touring again in a few months.

the AU interview at Music Matters: Jason Kerrison (New Zealand) speaks on humid Singapore and the build up to #JKEP1

Photo Credit: Steve Dykes Photography

the AU review sat down with Jason Kerrison at Singapore Music Matters to chat about the challenges of playing to J-Pop crowds with a sweating guitar, releasing music outside the major label cycle and shaking up how he performs.

the AU interview: Ben Lee (Sydney) talks about the star-studded record for charity "A Mixtape From Ben Lee"

Larry Heath from the AU review sits down with Ben Lee while in Canada to discuss his brand new, star-studded Mixtape, aptly titled A Mixtape From Ben Lee, and in the works for more than a decade. On the project's origins, Lee says: "The project started when I was 20, that's almost seventeen years ago... It was quite egoic how it started, I was going to show off that I could write great songs, and write in different styles - so I had this idea of writing different songs and getting different singers to sing..." However, over the years, Lee's goals changed, "I really lost interest in that motivation, that time in my life of needing to prove this point disappeared." Click through for the full interview.

Exclusive Video Interview: Pat Mahoney talks "Atomic Bomb! The Music of William Onyeabor" ahead of Bonnaroo

Back in January, we presented a special video featuring the team behind the Sydney Festival production Atomic Bomb! The Music of William Onyeabor and now, with the show popping up all over the world, including at the upcoming Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee later this month, we thought we'd bring you the FULL interview, unseen until now, of LCD Soundsystem's Pat Mahoney who talks more about how the show all came to be...

the AU interview at Music Matters: Teen Sensations (Brisbane) talk about Singapore experiences, plans ahead and more!

the AU had a chat with Brisbane's Teen Sensation - featuring the one and only Jeremy Neale - while they were in Singapore for Music Matters. Other than Jeremy, the rest of the band had never made it to Music Matters in Singapore, so they discuss their experiences in the Country while at the festival, we talk about their music, a future album and much more! Click through to see the full interview...

the AU interview at CMW: Ben Lee (Sydney) talks "Love Is The Great Rebellion" and why he's still learning

In the midst of Canadian Music Week, the AU's Larry Heath sat down with Sydney's Ben Lee to talk about his Toronto experience so far: "It's interesting, I'm now almost 23 years into my career, so I have a different perspective on playing shows. I find myself able to be much more present and just accept them for that they are, and do my best and share my music." Lee also spoke about his new record Love Is The Great Rebellion "When I started writing the album I thought it was going to be an even more abstract, niche record than the last one..." Click through for the full interview!

the AU interview: Felicity Groom (Perth) talks changing processes, new technology, and collaboration

the AU review sits down with Felicity Groom to talk about being in the studio, digital music technologies, and collaborating with other musicians. Working on new material, Felicity talks about the changing process from road testing songs to sitting in a studio. She says that this way, she is “not spending hours with a person developing something then going ‘nah that doesn't work’…” but instead saves time while having more control over the songs.

the AU interview: Nantes (Sydney) talk "Limbo" EP, touring and keeping things simple

the AU review had a chat with Sydney band Nantes about their new EP, Limbo, released earlier this year. “This one’s a little more aligned to what we’ve been trying to do with this band.” they said. The EP has been taken in a different direction sonically, but they note that fans enjoy the sound and it has been a good reception. After a year of not knowing what to do with the band, Nantes mention that “this record came as a bit of a surprise. We didn't really intend on making music at all”.