the AU interview: Felicity Groom (Perth) talks changing processes, new technology, and collaboration

the AU review sits down with Felicity Groom to talk about being in the studio, digital music technologies, and collaborating with other musicians. Working on new material, Felicity talks about the changing process from road testing songs to sitting in a studio. She says that this way, she is “not spending hours with a person developing something then going ‘nah that doesn't work’…” but instead saves time while having more control over the songs.

the AU interview: Nantes (Sydney) talk "Limbo" EP, touring and keeping things simple

the AU review had a chat with Sydney band Nantes about their new EP, Limbo, released earlier this year. “This one’s a little more aligned to what we’ve been trying to do with this band.” they said. The EP has been taken in a different direction sonically, but they note that fans enjoy the sound and it has been a good reception. After a year of not knowing what to do with the band, Nantes mention that “this record came as a bit of a surprise. We didn't really intend on making music at all”.

the AU interview: Felicity Groom (Perth) talks touring and 'Oh Jesus' single

the AU review talks to Felicity Groom about touring and new single 'Oh Jesus'. Felicity speaks about her show in Sydney and what's to be expected, saying that the live set is "pretty dynamic... more beats driven and more synth based,” and that there are “still kind of rhythmic and quiet, quiet loud moments”. Felicity also talks about the new single, ‘Oh Jesus’, from the album Hungry Sky, which was released in September last year. She notes that the song was originally written for a play, and it was then brought to the band where they added their own musical lines to it.

the AU interview: Joy (Brisbane) talks touring, music videos, and triple j unearthed

the AU review sat down with JOY while she was in Sydney touring with Tkay Maidza. She talks about what she has in store for her shows. "I'm kinda working on a new set of stuff from the new EP which I haven't actually fully written yet, so I'll probably be playing that stuff". In addition, JOY says: "I'm trying to make my set a little more interesting, a little different to what I've been doing until now".

the AU interview at SXSW: The Wind and the Wave (Austin) talk 'From the Wreckage' & SXSW madness!

the AU had some Austin locals come through the SXSW interview/performance suite last month amid the madness that was SXSW Music! Dwight and Patty, aka The Wind and The Wave faced a hectic run of showcase gigs during the festival and admitted to not planning or scheduling too much outside their own shows, preferring to choose one or two good shows to be at and cruising the rest - a good way to navigate through something like SXSW for sure.

the AU interview at SXSW: The Bros. Landreth (Canada) on 'Let it Lie' & bringing the LP to Australia!

From the Canadian Blast BBQ at SXSW, Johnny has a chat with Canadian band The Bros. Landreth and the chaos that is SXSW Music, releasing their debut album Let It Lie and potentially making their way down to Australia. With some of the members already having visited Australia in the past, the band is keen to get their music out here and perform for what they note is a thriving scene for live music.

the AU interview at SXSW: Jeff Innes of Yukon Blonde (Canada) on the follow up to 'Tiger Talk' & returning to Australia!

After their set at the Canadian Blast BBQ at SXSW, Sose sat down with Yukon Blonde vocalist Jeff Innes for a chat about touring, preparing new material for the follow up to 2012's Tiger Talk record and more. Although it's been a little while in between new records, Innes is stoked with the final result of their new material, noting that it was a much more cohesive effort.

the AU interview at SXSW: Leah Capelle (Illinois) talks new self-titled EP and hopes for the future.

In Austin for SXSW's Captiva/SpringBreakATX Showcases at The Rooftop on Sixth with her live band The What, Leah Capelle stopped by the AU review pop-up venue for a quick chat about her latest, self-titled EP and her hopes for the future: "I'm hoping to tour this summer... I'd like to be on the road a lot more." Click through for the full interview.

the AU interview: Babaganouj (Brisbane) talk touring, new single and locking down in the studio

Brisbane band Babaganouj stopped by the AU review HQ for a chat about their tour for new single "Can't Stop", how their sound varies from live shows to recording and to have a bit of fun. Of their new "more poppy" single, they said, "I think there's something fun about repetitive songs, because once you hit halfway, you know all the words and can sing along..." When it comes to getting in the studio, the group said they "approach recording a lot more sensibly than our live shows."

the AU interview: Frank Turner (UK) talks Bluesfest, SXSW, Publishing a Best Selling Book and his sixth album

The AU review's Johnny Au chats to folk rocker Frank Turner about Bluesfest, SXSW, authoring a bestselling book and his sixth album. Despite having suffered from severe jetlag throughout, Frank said of Bluesfest, "Bluesfest was a blast... It's a fantastic festival to be a part of," but for his experience of SXSW he said: "I love Austin, Texas - it's one of my favourite towns in the world... But at the risk of sounding like a total hipster, I prefer Austin when it's not SXSW because I love Texas and during SX it's full of people who aren't from Texas..."

the AU interview: Conrad Sewell (Brisbane) on touring with Ed Sheeran, SXSW, living in LA and new music!

Singer/songwriter from Brisbane Conrad Sewell stopped by the AU review HQ for a chat. Having just finished up touring with Ed Sheeran, there are many more exciting things on the horizon for this young Aussie. On touring with Sheeran, Conrad couldn't speak more highly, "they're just great songs, I mean Bob Dylan did it... Ed does it in a really cool way. Feels like you're at a hip hop concert sometime,s but it can also feel like you're being serenaded by the most beautiful soulful singer in the world..."

the AU interview at SXSW: Parlour Tricks (New York) talk upcoming album, their live show and Nashville!

the AU review chatted with New York band Parlour Tricks before they recorded a session for us. The New York pop sextuplet are preparing to launch their debut album this June. The album, largely made up of new songs, was recorded in Nashville over the span of about a year.

Clean Bandit, Melanie Martinez and Perez Hilton talk to the AU at the "One Night in Austin" Party during SXSW

We conclude our red carpet series from the Perez Hilton "One Night in Austin" party with British Electronic outfit Clean Bandit, Melanie Martinez (pictured) and Perez Hilton himself:

the AU interview at SXSW: Mumiy Troll (Vladivostok, Russia) talks Russian music scene & Vladivostok Rocks!

the AU review sat down with Ilya Lagutenko lead vocalist/guitarist of Russian rock band Mumiy Troll while he was in town for SXSW. Lagutenko, who promised a new album within the next couple of months, explained the music scene as it pertains to Russia, saying "It's quite a market, apparently not just for domestic, but also for international", before specifically mentioning the Vladivostok Rocks Festival, a festival designed to showcase artists from Pacific Rim countries in Russia.

the AU interview at SXSW: The Frail (San Francisco) talk new album, origins, and new musical directions

San Francisco synth-pop group The Frail stopped by The AU pop-up venue at SXSW to have a chat about their 2014 record LoveDeathLegend and what comes next for them. Speaking about their musical direction from this point onwards the band says that "now we're trying to lighten up a bit, take things in a more dancier, happy, summertime direction."