SXSW: A look inside the Presidential Library dedicated to Donald J. Trump’s Tweets

Built in 1886 and sitting on the corner of Brazos and 6th Street, The Driskill Hotel is Austin’s oldest operating hotel. Positioned right around the Austin’s Capitol, it has a illustrious history when it comes to American Presidential History. This week at SXSW, it’s home to the ever-unfolding modern history of current US President Donald J. Trump, as they highlight his activities on the social media platform Twitter. 

Put together by the folks at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and having already popped up at a few other locations around the USA, the library promises to “Make Presidential Libraries Great Again”, through a series of traditional exhibition displays (e.g. golden framed tweets), “memorabilia”, videos put together by The Daily Show correspondents (who, including Australia’s own Ronny Chieng, were on hand for the exhibit) and interactive installations.

The “Library” highlights just how far Presidential Communications have fallen in prestige and nuance. And set inside the grand walls where former Presidents met their wives and stayed during their visits to the city, it served as the perfect counterpart to the often hilarious and well presented exhibition. 

Here’s a look at what you’ll find in the “Library”: 

Some of Trump’s most iconic tweets are given the spotlight – even those that may have been deleted.
Daily Show correspondents Jaboukie Young-White and Ronny Chieng pose in front of the golden toilet, which sits in a faux Oval Office, where guests can write their own “Presidential Tweet”, while wearing a MAGA hat and other paraphernalia.
One of our favourite inclusions was “The Special Relationship”, which allows you to read a tweet, and then flip it over to see the Fox News headline of which the tweet was ripped from. The images are time-stamped to show how close to the source the tweet was made.
Listen to the “survivors” of Trump’s tweets plead for forgiveness…
All the countries Trump has offended in his tweets, set in front of a hilarious image of this dysfunctional White House.
A peak into the mind of Donald J. Trump, perhaps?
Enter your name into a Trump Nickname Generator and find out what your “Crooked Hillary” equivalent would be. You then have to wear that nickname for the remainder of your time in the Library on a nametag.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library is being held at The Driskill Hotel (604 Brazos Street, Austin, TX 78701) until tomorrow, Monday 11th March, from 10am to 10pm


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