Fontainebleau Las Vegas Review: Our first look inside The Strip’s long-awaited luxury resort

Back in mid-December, the newest luxury hotel to hit the Las Vegas Strip finally enjoyed its grand opening – Fontainebleau Las Vegas. I had a chance to stay at the resort at the start of February, and got a taste of the hotel, rooms and the food and drink that’s on offer. So with 18 years between its announcement and opening, was it worth the wait? Read on to find out.

About The Hotel

With the project first being announced in 2005, and construction starting in 2007, before a pause in 2009, this resort has long loomed over the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, at 67 stories, and with 3,644 rooms, this was already the tallest building in Las Vegas and Nevada all the way back in 2008! The only structure that’s taller is the nearby Strat observation tower.

We won’t go into all the reasons for the delays here, but suffice it to say, its opening had been long anticipated. Guests to The Strip, as well as locals, had seen the structure sitting about 75% complete since 2009. So it wasn’t surprising then that every Taxi driver I met that week commented on it, asking how it was and mentioning how long they’d been waiting for it. And boy were they in for a treat.

The grandness of the hotel is obvious from the minute you step foot at the main entry. It’s also clear that while this had long been in the works, the design of the hotel feels fresh – especially when compared to other experiences on the strip.

And take a look at the art! In the South Lobby of the hotel, not far from one of the two Uber pick up zones, you’ll find the Urs Fischer gallery. The centrepiece is spectacular – Lovers #3, a 14 metre aluminum, stainless steel and gold leaf sculture. It sits accompanying two of Urs Fisher’s paintings – The Touch, and The Eye – both of which play with a sizeable hardboiled egg.

There is grandness like this throughout the entire resort. Just take a look at the Bleau Bar, which is open 24 hours a day in the casino, and serves cocktails under a spectacular crystal-bowtie chandelier.

This is just the tip of the elegance and grandeur that the resort has designed into every inch of the building.

Checking In

As a guest of the hotel, I was able to check in at the VIP reception, which was something akin to a club lounge, with snacks, tea and coffee available on demand. A glass of champagne was also presented while the check-in process took place. The service was excellent and I was able to take our elevators up to our room through an exit in the lounge.

The Rooms

I stayed in two rooms while at the hotel – both variations on the 46.5 square-metre King Bleau Room, one with a view of the strip looking up towards the Strat, and the other with a view of the Strip’s other new resident, The Sphere.

Blinds open automatically when you first enter the room, as the massive 55″ LG flat screen TV played the hotels’ theme song – sung by an icon of Las Vegas in his own right, Paul Anka.

Everything about the room (as with the entire resort) is luxurious and elegant – without ever being tacky. And the artwork that adorns the room only accentuates the design further – blues, gold, white, granite – tasteful and picturesque. The King Bed was incredibly comfortable, with pillows you could sink into, Luxe 500-Thread-Count Cotton Linens and Down Alternative Duvets. It was no doubt a treat, too, to be among the first to stay in the room – it all felt so fresh and untouched.

The slippers and robes provided for each guest were also so comfortable, as were the towels.

Though the building started its climb in 2007, the interior design and operation did not. This is a hotel with all the newest technology. There are phone chargers on every nightstand, and buttons around the room – by the doors and bed – to control the window, the lights and even the privacy notice on the door.

Like many hotels in Vegas, you’ll find plenty of items in the mini bar – with your account being automatically charged when you remove the item.

Photo by the author.

The design of the bathroom was equally divine, with a massive, deep bath and a large shower with perfect water pressure. I even loved the refillable body wash, shampoo and conditioner bottles – which also fit into the overall design of the resort. They truly get top marks for consistency.

Photo by the author.

The toilet had its own door, and there was high quality body lotion and branded soap on the massive sink for two. Shower cap, Q-Tips and cotton balls were readily available, and the mirror had terrific lighting, as well.

This is a hotel that puts comfort at the top of its priority list, and the room does not disappoint.

Dining and Drinks

The Fontainebleau boasts some 32 dining and bar/lounge options throughout the resort – most are already open, with some still to come later this year. You can find the full list HERE.

I was able to enjoy a few of the locations in my stay, and was impressed by the variety and quality on offer. Here’s what I experienced…

– Washing Potato for Dim Sum – 

Photo by the author.

Washing Potato‘s interiors are sparkling and lush – like something out of an Iron Chef set, without the mayhem – and the menu stacked with everything you’d hope to find in a higher end Dim Sum restaurant. Hong Kong born, UK based restaurateu Alan Yau has done a fabulous job at bringing the tastes of Hong Kong to Las Vegas. The dishes here are mostly traditional, delivered at the highest possible quality, with a few delightful variations along the way. Every bite is a treat, and discerning Australians who have grown up on Dim Sum – as I have – will not be disappointed.

It’s not Yau’s only Chinese restaurant to open in Fontainebleau either – Chyna Club is the other entry from the Hakkasan and Wagamama founder, serving more eclectic Chinese fair – something that may lean closer to his former Michelin starred London restaurant HKK. A modern blend of traditional flavours and cooking styles to prepare guests with something wholly unique.

Unsurprisingly, you’re not going to be paying Hong Kong prices at either location – eating in Vegas comes at a premium, with most Dim Sum dishes ranging $8-14. But to get world class Dim Sum in the middle of the desert, it’s worth every cent. And like any good Dim Sum restaurant – you won’t leave without a mess of food on the table, and a full belly.

Washing Potato is open daily from 11am to 10pm. I wrote more more about Washing Potato in this article.

Photo by the author.

– Vida for Brunch –

Photo by the author.

While Washing Potato enjoys a design unto itself, Vida fits snugly within the golds and blues of the overall hotel. Which makes sense – this is a concept they’ve carried over from their Miami Beach location. Open from 7am to 3pm daily, this is the hotel’s brunch spot, with a breakfast and lunch menu being served all hours of operation. Which is appreciated – I hold some disdain for hotels (especially ones that sit around a nightlife culture) that cut your breakfast options off early.

I enjoyed the eggs benedict with a hash brown, and a side of berries & lavender honey. It was perfect. Elsewhere on the menu, you’ll find avocado toast, steak and eggs, huevos rancheros and a breakfast burrito – the classics! But there are also some more creative inclusions, like the Vegan Coconut Waffle and Berries, and the Brown Sugar Swirl Pancakes. For lunch, you’ll find burgers, club sandwiches, fish and chips and even buttermilk chicken and waffles. Suffice it to say, there’s something here for every appetite and dietary requirement.

Get the full menu and details about Vida HERE.

Photo by the author.

– Collins for cocktails –

Just near the main lobby entry, you’ll find the luxurious bar Collins. To me, this space takes the design spirit of the entire resort – lush blue seating and carpet, with beautiful tables and gold design elements that makes the entire room shine and sparkle – then dims the lights and lowers the ceiling ever so slightly, making the cozy and intimate space you see before you.

It would be very easy to sink into the seats here and enjoy cocktails until the doors close. The cocktail list is sublime, presented in beautiful glassware, with a mix of classics and unique creations – and delicious bar snacks and charcuterie plates to accompany it.

Collins is open from 10am to 3am with food available between 11am and 11pm. More details are available HERE.

Still to Come…

While it wasn’t open while I was on ground, the resort’s outdoor pool area – the Oasis Pool Deck – has just opened. We’ll fill you in more on this in a later visit, but across six acres, the deck features even distinct pool experiences, four bars, two restaurants, daylife destination LIV Beach, and a 2,300 square-foot gaming area still to open in the Spring.

The BleauLive Theater is a 3,800 capacity room that’s set to enjoy some massive guests over the year ahead. Paul Anka and Justin Timberlake opened the room for a special VIP event, and Post Malone played there over New Year’s Eve Weekend, officially opening the venue to the public. And just announced, Daryl Hall and Elvis Costello & The Imposters with Charlie Sexton will co-headline the venue on 23rd June. Hootie & The Blowfish will hit the space Aug. 23-24, 2024, and The Smashing Pumpkins will headline on 27th September. And there’s plenty more where that came from. You can find the full list of upcoming entertainment HERE.

Getting Around Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is relatively walkable, and certain areas of the Strip are connected with a monorail, I tended to get around with Ubers and Lyfts. Each hotel now has at least one designated pick up spot, if not more, for the service – and Fontainebleau is no exception. While drivers were still getting used to the hotel’s location and pick up zones, they were ultimately easy to find for the customer, and service was generally pretty quick and affordable.

Final Verdict

There is such a beauty in the consistency of the design of this hotel. Sparkling golds, silvers and blues adorn the interiors and exteriors, while grand, high ceilings, and massive floor to ceiling windows in the rooms, ensure great lighting and spectacular views.

The bed couldn’t have been more comfortable, and the hotel room was beautifully designed, up there with the best I’ve ever stayed in.

Even though I was there for three nights, I felt like I barely scratched the surface of the resort. There was also still much to be opened when I was there, so this doesn’t even speak to the entertainment venue, the pool area and many of the restaurants, but it’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone at this spot of luxury. So much so, that even if you’re not staying a night, it’s worth a visit. I’d come back here for the dumplings at Washing Potato alone!


To book your stay at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas, head to their official website.

The author stayed as a guest of the hotel for three nights in February 2024. Photos supplied by the hotel unless otherwise listed.

Larry Heath

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