Interview: Mortal Kombat actors Josh Lawson and Sisi Stringer on bringing their characters to life

Though the battle grounds of Mortal Kombat are far from the usual comedic landscape Josh Lawson is used to, the Australian actor/writer/director has certainly put his own stamp on proceedings in bringing the character of violent mercenary Kano to life.

Touching down in Sydney to discuss his foray into the world of blockbuster cinema, Lawson and Brisbane-born newcomer Sisi Stringer, who stars as sai-wielding villainess Mileena, discussed with Peter Gray the physicality of their characters, Stringer’s own input into the look of her character, and the “cry for help” that was Lawson’s dialogue.

They also talk about doing their own stunts, with Stringer saying “They let me do as much as legally possible”. Watch the full interview here:

Mortal Kombat is screening in Australian theatres now.

Peter Gray

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