7 film releases to get excited about this autumn

From Captain Marvel to Rocketman, the next three months are filled with a mountain of cinematic releases we should all be excited about. Here are just seven…

Captain Marvel

Marvel fans, grab some popcorn and drinks because you’re in for a treat. Captain Marvel is set to hit cinemas this week, March 7. In this exciting new instalment in the Marvel universe, we travel alongside Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) as she attempts to stop a war and save planet Earth. What to be excited about? Well, apart from this being a new Marvel film (duh), Captain Marvel will be one of the first Marvel films in the franchise to extensively explore the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the 1990s. Also, the first Marvel film to feature the alien race known as the Skrulls!


From the skilled writer of Get Out (2016), Jordan Peele brings us yet another horror film worthy of checking our closest before turning off the light. The film follows a family as they return to the mother’s suburban beachfront home where she grew up, to only eventually discover that carbon copies of them are stalking and tormenting their every waking hour. Us is scheduled to be released in cinemas March 14. What’s not to be excited about?


Pet Sematary

Based on the novel Pet Sematary from author Stephen King comes the re-make of the original 1989 film, hitting cinemas April 4Pet Sematary is about a family who move to a new town, where just near their property line is a pet cemetery. Little do they know, but the cemetery is built on an ancient Indian burial ground that has the power to raise whatever is buried there back from the dead. What to be excited about? Apart from the extra creepy factor in the trailer, instead of Gage becoming victim to death like in the original, we have Ellie meeting this fate. Also, actor John Lithgow takes on the role of Jud Crandall; a portrayal that looks like it will do justice to the character from the books.


You’ll probably recall the film BIG (1988), starring Tom Hanks, where twelve-year-old Josh Baskin wishes he were big and becomes just that. Now, this film is the exact opposite — and damn, if it doesn’t look just as good, if not more hilarious! Starring Regina Hall, who you may remember from other funny films such as the Scary Movie series, comes this comedy where one mean boss finds herself reverted to her child-like body and must go back to school, facing a harsh reality check. Little will be gracing cinemas with its presence April 11. What to be excited about? Uh… everything?

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Starring the one and only Ryan Reynolds as cute, yellow and fuzzy Pikachu, Pokemon Detective Pikachu is sure to electrify cinemas when it releases May 9. What to be excited about? Other than the voice actor for Pikachu being a gold class comedy act, the CGI on those Pokemon looks insane. As a huge fan of Pokemon, this film ticks all the boxes for me. What about you?

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Oh yes, John Wick is back, and looking just as fine and dangerous as ever. Keanu Reeves returns in this third instalment of the John Wick Chronicles, fighting his way out of New York City as he escapes world top assassins who are out for his blood. John Wick: Chapter 3 is set to hit cinemas May 16. What to be excited about? Well, if we’re being honest here, what’s not to be excited about?


Anyone who loves Elton John, get yourselves ready for a masterpiece. Starring renowned actor Taron Egerton as the musical legend himself, the film is an uncensored story about Elton John‘s breakthrough years. What to be excited about? If the trailer hints at anything, it’s the raw talent of the main lead and the epic music numbers woven throughout. Definitely not a film to be missed, Rocketman will be in cinemas May 30.