Indigenous Mapuché Chilean / Australian singer Leni Garrido, aka LENI releases debut EP Greenlights

Indigenous Mapuché Chilean / Australian singer, producer LENI has released his debut EP Greenlights today. Produced remotely with Melbourne based engineer Gareth Thomson, the EP is a magnetic blend of alternative pop and neo-soul, reminding one of Frank Ocean and Tame Impala.

The latest single, “Chasing Stars” comes from a New Year’s Eve experience, whereby LENI found himself driving down the freeway, contemplating the city skyline and memories of friends.

It’s a reminder to be thankful for this life, appreciate the people that you love and to take in the present moment.

LENI cites Bon Iver as inspiration, with his songs evoking cascading emotions and soundscapes that draw the listener in.

With tracks like “Greenlights”, “Cold Love”, “What’s on your Mind”, and “100mph”, LENI’s Greenlights EP promises a rich acoustic environment that seamlessly fuses alternative indie neo-soul with poignant storytelling.

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