Kraken Screamfest brings cocktails, face-painting and a horror film to Sydney this Halloween

The infamous Ritz Cinema in Sydney will be transformed into a terror abyss straight from the depths of the ocean as The Kraken Black Spiced Rum takes over the venue this Halloween – Wednesday October 31st.

Guests shouldn’t expect the typical movie-going experience at the Kraken Screamfest. Horrors from the deep like mutant mermaids and undead sailors will interact with guests as Kraken also plans to put a spin on the usual combo of a drink and popcorn by offering a selection of cocktails that make Kraken Black Spiced Rum the hero. ‘The Bride of Krakenstein’ infuses blackberries with Creme de Cassis, ‘The Oceans Have Eyes’ mixes lime, soda and mint leaves and ‘The Kraken Storm’ blends ginger beer with Kraken rum. All of which can be paired with inky black pick’n’mix and popcorn.

If you’re coming straight from work or just aren’t in the mood for sorting out your own costume, free face-painting will be offered from 6pm before a screening of the cult classic Creature from the Black Lagoon begins at 7:30pm.  The event also promises a wall of undead hands to make sure you capture the perfect insta-worthy shot as you flaunt your cocktails, black popcorn and face paint.

Kraken Screamfest
Where: Ritz Cinema, Randwick
When: Wednesday October 31st from 6pm

Tickets are limited and can be purchased by heading HERE.