Kraken Screamfest brings cocktails, face-painting and a horror film to Sydney this Halloween

The infamous Ritz Cinema in Sydney will be transformed into a terror abyss straight from the depths of the ocean as The Kraken Black Spiced Rum takes over the venue this Halloween – Wednesday October 31st. Guests shouldn’t expect the typical movie-going experience at the Kraken Screamfest. Horrors from the deep like mutant mermaids and…

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The Kraken Karnival launches a festival of darkness this weekend at The Vic (Sydney)

Guests should not expect a vibrant, colourful scene this weekend for the launch of the Kraken Karnival in Marrickville; instead, The Kraken Black Spiced Rum will bring their greyscale palette to their two-day festival of darkness. From Friday the 14th of July, a four-metre helter skelter lighthouse wrapped in an attacking tentacle of the Kraken…

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