Interview: Heartline talk new single “Lovers”, live shows and the benefits of technology


Adelaide alt-metal act Heartline have returned with the animated new single and accompanying video “Lovers”, their first offering of a busy year ahead. Co-written by Thornhill guitarist Ethan McCann, it explores modern monotony in a digital landscape and encourages you to find beauty in the little things. Chunky riffs and dark electronics compliment the sweet cleans and gritty growls with a tasty breakdown that will have you stomping along wherever you are.

“It’s so easy to fall into: wake up, go work a job that doesn’t fulfil or inspire us, go home, sleep and repeat,” says the band. “But when we can break through with our mind’s eye and see all that makes life beautiful and something to be cherished; when we start living with the intention to love – the little things and the big – we find a new direction that is our own and become a Lover.”

We had a chat with Heartline about the latest track, its fun video and more.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! What does your heartline say of the band’s emotional nature?

 Luke (vocals): Our emotional nature has definitely shifted and changed – as does everyone’s – but as we’ve matured as people and musicians, we’re expressing our fun and positive side mostly! Our two previous releases were emotionally quite dark and while music with that tone has its place in music (it’s helped many people confront and work through their own mental struggles), we decided we wanted to share the other side of ourselves. The side that doesn’t take things too seriously and enjoys life with a child-like enthusiasm.

How are you preparing for winter down south?

Luke: Well, I feel like it’s already well and truly here. I hope it doesn’t get any colder haha! I wake up and head straight to the coffee machine every morning and most nights end up with a nice cup of tea – or a cheeky glass of red or port if it’s a Friday night.

The new single “Lovers” finds the beauty in breaking routine and living intentionally. What inspired the song and how did it come together?

Luke: I found myself really struggling during the downtime between shows/tours because music is my absolute passion, but to make that happen I must work my day job. While my boss and workmates are great, I just don’t get the fulfilment I need from it which often leads to that monotonous routine where life loses its colour. “Lovers” came from the realisation that there is so much more to life than our work and our daily patterns – we just have to ‘take a step back’, so to speak, to view what we really have and how beautiful each and every one of our lives are.

The video clip blends retro and futuristic elements with glitchy title cards and captivating animation. Do you think technology is helpful or harmful to humans?

Nevenko (bass): I think technology has benefited us for sure. To narrow it down, It’s the only way we could’ve been so expressive through this music video and it also allowed us to work with some incredibly talented people interstate to create this track. It’s become symbiotic with us, so even if we think our mental and physical health will benefit without it, there’s not much we can do but embrace it and moderate when needed.

You’re about to hit the road with Banks Arcade this weekend. What can we expect from the live show?

Luke: We’re so excited for this tour! We have a short, sharp and shiny set to open up each night, and that’s a good thing because a shorter set = extremely high energy! So get ready for the party to be started the very second the lights go down for the first time on each night!

You’re also supporting Windwaker at some intimate venues next month. What are you most looking forward to about this run?

Luke: Oh man, we couldn’t be more stoked about this run of shows. Our first time playing interstate was thanks to Windy. They brought us over to play at Bang with them and Tapestry back in 2020 and we’ve only shared the stage with them twice since then, so expect these shows to be a load of fun.

Who else should we keep an eye on from Adelaide right now?

Luke: Adelaide is currently beginning to produce some insanely good talent that I feel the rest of Australia will start to catch wind of very soon. There’s a band called Connections who are standing out to me with their blending of old prog styles I grew up loving and still do, like Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect etc. with that metalcore spin that Australia whips up so well!

Our guitarist George also plays in another band called Lumens – and these guys are about to put out some incredibly cool music. Last mention is Divebar Youth who Nev has been listening to a tonne – not so much on the heavy side but a really solid alt-pop artist who deserves to be heard big time.

What comes next for Heartline in 2024?

Let’s just say “Lovers” is only the beginning…

Get your tickets to Banks Arcade’s Death 2 a Muse tour and Windwaker’s intimate tour before they sell out! Stay connected with Heartline on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and add “Lovers” to your playlist to support local music.