Sydney’s The Big Easy is slinging Tasty Toobs burgers and unique cocktails for a limited time only

  • Chris Singh
  • October 22, 2021
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The end of Sydney lockdown (thanks to increasing vaccination rates) doesn’t just mean restaurants and bars are open for business again, it means the city’s love of left-centre brand collaborations is back. The latest: Master of Mixes and Stanley Street favourite The Big Easy, teaming up to celebrate the return of iconic Aussie snack Tasty Toobs with a bit of a (fairly unhealthy) menu inspired by the distinctive yellow tube-shaped chips.

For a limited time only, The Big Easy will be doing up a Toobs-laced Big Weekend Brunch with some Master of Mixes cocktails to pair up with the gluttonous creations.

And in the spirit of twisting some classics, there are more than a few concoctions which might shake up what you’re used to. This includes the ‘Spressi Marts Breaking Hearts’, obviously taking an Espresso Martini using Master of Mixes’ Espresso and building that with Master of Mixes’ Espresso, premium Vodka, and a touch of zesty lime.

That little tipple isn’t the only way to kick off brunch though. You’ll also be getting a ‘Mastered Mary’, twisting the dependable Bloody Mary with The Big Easy’s own Hot Toob’s Spice blend, premium Vodka, roasted tomato oil, celery salt, and tasty toobs. It’s likely the only time you’ll have ever a Bloody Mary with tasty toobs mixed in.

The brunch menu is big on comfort food, and not much else. The most essential order is the deluxe burger, which has Louisiana fried chicken in a Tasty Toobs crumb and Master of Mixes’ 5 pepper glaze topped with maple bacon, double American cheese, aioli, TBE’s bread & butter pickles and Tasty Toobs stuffed between a fresh potato bun.

Make sure you’ve got some Toob-Tots on the side, messing with the classic by mixing fluffy tator tots with Tasty Toobs, candied bacon, nacho cheese, and tomato powder.

Yeah, look, you’re going to want to kick your health kick out of the door for this one. If you’re a Tasty Toobs fan, there’s no food more comforting in Sydney right now. And that’s not all – it finishes with a Boozeymisu cake, inspired by the classic tira and blending that with Master of Mixes’ Espresso vanilla genoise, cold brew coffee liqueur, mascarpone, cream, and chocolate.

All of that (2x burgers, 1x Toob-tots, 2x cocktails, 1x dessert) will be included in the brunch menu for two, priced at $75. Or you can order up items individually.

This Tasty Toobs brunch menu will only be available at The Big Easy – 77 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010.

Chris Singh

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