Black Star Pastry now has a Summer S’more pastry on the menu

Following the introduction of dramatic new cake Chocolate Mirage to their acclaimed menu, Black Star Pastry has once again expanded its inventive range to include the “Summer S’more”.

Inspired by the good ol’ fashioned tradition of toasting marshmallows over an open fire, the Summer S’more boosts the beloved brand’s pastry selection with a light croissant base filled with almond cream, vanilla custard cream, and poached peaches to mirror a “fire pit” which is then sprinkled with fresh, flamed red raspberries and topped with a toasted vanilla marshmallow on a chocolate skewer. We know it’s a lot to take in, but it’s worth getting across this one.

The new addition launches alongside the “All-Star Box”, which has been curated by the BSP team to include its famous strawberry watermelon cake alongside that aforementioned chocolate mirage, raspberry lychee cake, pistachio lemon zen cake, dragon cake, and the Japanese forest cake. That’s six slices for $55.

The Summer S’more pastry is now available from all Black Star Pastry at $7.50 each. This includes the new, very central store street level at The Galeries

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy Editor of the AU review and a freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.