Black Star Pastry gets theatrical with their newest cake, the Chocolate Mirage

The ever-creative, dessert-minded folks at Black Star Pastry may be most famous for the juicy flavours of watermelon and strawberries, but they never shy away from the quintessential hit of chocolate now and then. That’s most evident with their latest creation, the dramatic and hugely indulgent “Chocolate Mirage”.

Adding to their already stacked and varied range of cakes, the Chocolate Mirage is one heavenly series tracking the who’s who of the chocolate world and whipping them into one seriously tempting profile.

It starts with a chocolate and roast hazelnut dacquoise base before building it up with salted caramel chocolate and puffed cacao rice streusel, then it layers on some flourless chocolate sponge and Manjari chocolate mousse, which is then dusted with dark chocolate and contoured to create the effect of windswept dunes.

To hammer home the oasis aesthetic, a dark chocolate wave has been designed to mimic mirage simmering under a gold brushed, passionfruit chocolate ‘sun’ which is rising from the dunes.

“The Chocolate Mirage is one of Black Star Pastry’s most ambitious cakes, both in terms of the chocolate components used and the cake’s stunning visual storytelling,” said General Manager Josef Murray, who has also ensured us that the cake is gluten free so can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

The Chocolate Mirage will be available from 2nd October for $10 per single slice at all BSP’s Melbourne and Sydney stores, including the newly opened shopfront at The Galeries in Sydney CBD. The cake can swell up to a “celebration size” featuring 40 portions, which can be pre-ordered online.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy Editor of the AU review and a freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.