Emirates resumes passenger flights to Australia with strict health measures

Emirates has become the latest international carrier to pick up some key routes following the relaxation of lockdowns around the world. This includes flights into, and out of, Sydney and Melbourne.

After the current pandemic forced them to cut some of their most valuable services, Emirates plans to restart services from 21st May, including to major airports like London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Chicago and Toronto.

Of course, this means connections in Dubai for customers flying between the UK and Australia, restoring a sense of normality across the extensive Emirates network and boosting options for those still stranded in either country due to border restrictions.

The announcement follows a similar plan from Etihad, which is bringing back services between Australia and London as well as plenty of other routes.

The airline continues to operate flights aimed to repatriate people back to their home country. These ‘rescue flights’ will continue operating for visitors and residents wishing to return to their home. Last week, the airline stated flying from Dubai to Tokyo Narita, Conakry, and Dakar.

All potential passengers will need to comply with all eligibility and entry criteria requirements of their destination countries. And of course, this means you should be keeping up to date with all information on sites like smarttraveller.gov.au given the situation remains dynamic.

UAE residents who wish to return to Dubai should note that most of the flights will only be open to citizens and those with approval from the Federal Authority for Identify and Citizenship (ICA).

All the flights will be available for booking over on the emirates website.

Improved Health Measures

As with many other airlines, Emirates is not taking any chances when it comes to health and safety of their passengers and employees. As such, you can expect a number of strict measure before, during and after the flight.

At Dubai International Airport, customers and employees will have their temperatures checked via thermal scanner. Protective barriers have also been installed at all check-in counters to ensure proper social distancing is met. Gloves and masks will be mandatory for all customers and employees at the airport. Cabin crew will have their own PPE when interacting with travellers, including a protective disposable gown and safety visor.

Expect physical indicators at waiting areas throughout the airport, as well as a modified in-flight service once on board. This means no magazines or print material available. Cabin baggage will have to be checked-in, and customers can only take on board a few essentials items like a laptop, handbag, briefcase and baby items.

Emirates has also emphasised their stringent cleaning protocol, where after landing in Dubai each aircraft goes through an “enhanced cleaning and disinfection process”.

Chris Singh

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