Yves Saint Laurent

Film Review: Celebration: Yves Saint Laurent (France, 2007) offers a rare look at the designer’s creative process

February 24, 2019

Most people have seen Yves Saint Laurent’s creations but how many have wondered what is going on beneath the covers? The documentary, Celebration: Yves Saint Laurent, should answer some of these questions. This French film is shot in cinéma vérité style and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the fashion legend and his army of helpers. […]

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Film Review: Yves Saint Laurent (France, 2014)

June 23, 2014

The late, French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent will be the subject of two different biopics this year. The first is the eponymously-titled one from actor-turned-director, Jalil Lespert and is perhaps the most authentic film, as it had the full support of Saint Laurent’s lover and business partner. Pierre Bergé lent original outfits, designs, and […]

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