Interview: Director Kiah Roache-Turner and Wyrmwood Apocalypse star Luke McKenzie on the making of their zombie sequel

The idea of making a movie about a viral outbreak during a pandemic is a form of irony that was not lost on director Kiah Roache-Turner or star Luke McKenzie when filming Wyrmwood Apocalypse, but as on the nose it may have been, it was perfectly in tune with the embracement they felt when leaning…

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Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead gets official trailer, and it looks brilliant

Australian zombie flick Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead may seem like your standard post-apocalyptic zombie film, but this trailer is telling us that it’s something much more than that. Made possible by the wonders of crowd-funding, the film is the debut feature from Australia’s Roache-Turner brothers: Kiah (writer-director) and Tristan (writer-producer-production designer), and is quite…

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Exclusive Interview: Wyrmwood director Kiah Roache-Turner on making a micro-budget Australian Zombie Film.

“Build it and they will come” or, how two film-obsessed brothers went from nothing to create a full length feature film. “Australia makes such great genre films” says Kiah Roache-Turner “films like Mad Max and Undead did it so well, and after seeing them you’re left waiting, thinking ‘when is someone gonna do another film…

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