WWE 2K19

Games Review: WWE 2K19 (PS4, 2018) is a step in the right direction

October 15, 2018

When last year’s iteration of 2K’s WWE series came around, I was incredibly cynical about the title. For a long time, the games have followed largely the same formula, with a few graphical tweaks here and there. WWE 2K19 is different, representing a significant leap for the franchise – although, not enough of one to […]

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WWE 2K19 To Celebrate Daniel Bryan’s Storied Career in Returning 2K Showcase Mode

August 20, 2018

Daniel Bryan has had a long and varied career in WWE. From his introduction as part of the NXT‘s Nexus division, to his eventual firing, rehiring, retiring and return. WWE 2K19 is set to showcase his journey and triumphant struggle back to the ring with the return of 2K Showcase, a story-driven campaign mode within […]

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WOOOOO! WWE 2K19 Gets A Stylin’, Profilin’, Limousine Ridin’ Special Edition

July 28, 2018

2K has finally unveiled all the details of the upcoming WWE 2K19 collector’s edition, and it’s a package fit for a 16-time WWE World Champion. Ric Flair is the newest honouree for the 2K series, representing the long and starry history of WWE and WCW.

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Booyaka, Booyaka – Rey Mysterio Swings His Way Into WWE 2K19

July 1, 2018

WWE Legend Rey Mysterio has had a busy year – from starring in WWE’s Royal Rumble and Greatest Royal Rumble earlier in the year to featuring in New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Dominion 6.9.  Mysterio’s stellar year continues with the announcement that he’ll be joining the upcoming WWE 2K19 as one of two playable pre-order characters. […]

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WWE 2K19 Unveils Phenomenal New Cover Star, Release Date and Million Dollar Challenge

June 18, 2018

Current WWE World Champion and modern wrestling legend AJ Styles has been announced as the new face of WWE 2K19, topping off a brilliant few years for the superstar.

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