The Pope’s Exorcist

Film Review: The Exorcism compromises its dramatic intentions with shoehorned horror elements

Whilst it’s understandable that audiences may assume The Exorcism is somehow related to last year’s The Pope’s Exorcist – and given both their closeness in title and sharing of Russell Crowe, you can see why – but Joshua John Miller‘s genre entrant is more a dramatic character study, with many of the horrific elements feeling…

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Film Review: Despite Russell Crowe’s camp commitment, The Pope’s Exorcist is never the horror romp we pray for

Remember the uproar there was regarding Jared Leto’s Italian accent in House of Gucci?  Prepare to have a field day with whatever Russell Crowe is attempting in The Pope’s Exorcist. And not only is it the vocal inflection of good ole’ Rusty, but his whole general demeanour throughout Julius Avery’s horror romp, where he swigs…

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