The Lucas Group

The Lucas Groups’ three-level Japanese restaurant Kisumé has finally opened (Melbourne)

In what is a very big step for The Lucas Group long-awaited, three-level concept restaurant Kisumé has finally been unveiled to the public, opening for lunch and dinner with designs to become a major player in Melbourne’s dining scene. Fashioned as a contemporary Japanese restaurant, Kisumé offers diners three options: the ground floor and basement…

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Chin Chin Sydney starts to take shape with Head Chef Grame Hunt

In what’s a very exciting prospect for one of the city’s most anticipated openings of 2017, Chris Lucas (of The Lucas Group) has announced that Chin Chin Sydney will be led by creative ex-Spice Temple chef Graeme Hunt. The announcement promises a big move for Hunt, who has spent the last four years helping Melbourne’s…

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Sepia to close in December as Chef Martin Benn and Vicki Wild plan Melbourne restaurant

Three-hatted fine dining institution Sepia, one of Sydney’s most celebrated and popular dining hotspots, has made a big announcement. The team driving the restaurant, acclaimed chef Martin Benn and his partner Vicki Wild, will not only be departing the venue after eight incredibly successful years and numerous awards (they’ve maintained three hats every year since…

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