The Bait Fridge

The AU Interview: Slowmango open up about their music and their upcoming Womadelaide appearance

Slowmango are a six piece band from SA that are having their debut Womadelaide appearance this weekend. We sat down to learn a little more about the band. How would you describe your music? Is it something that can be categorised? Slowmango’s music is a melting pot of global influences, incorporating rhythms and melodies from…

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Review: The Bait Fridge x Slowmango is a treacherous journey of the appendix

With a title as diverse as “The Bait Fridge x Slowmango” (The hero’s journey of the Appendix), there should have been plenty of warning that this was to be no ordinary show. The procedural steps listed the “Wild West Waiting Room” as step one. Banjo players sitting around campfires, white coated cowboys pushing tumbleweeds and…

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