Super Bowl

From Avengers to Westworld: Here are the trailers you missed during Super Bowl LII

February 5, 2018

You may think the Super Bowl is an exciting day for NFL fans, and you’d be right. But did you also know that’s an exciting day for movie and television fans!? Film trailers have been known to appear all throughout the big day, so without further ado, let’s look at the trailers you may have […]

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Another Jurassic World trailer was released at the Super Bowl

February 4, 2015

During Monday’s Super Bowl, the audience were treated to another Jurassic World trailer. This time, we’re offered a further glimpse into the inevitable drama that is to ensue in the park – a genetically engineered dinosaur, pterodactyls picking off park visitors in a brutal fashion, Chris Pratt being a babe, and a squad of velociraptors […]

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