Flight Review: We fly Scoot in Silence from Sydney to Singapore (TR3)

September 19, 2018

Singapore Airline’s budget carrier Scoot has been carrying passengers from Australia to Singapore for years now, but many travellers may not know about its “Scoot-in-Silence” offering; a section between the airline’s “ScootBiz” Business Class offering and the standard economy section. With just five rows, the section is given its name by offering a quieter in-flight […]

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Flight Review: We fly Scoot’s Business Class offering “ScootBiz” from Singapore to Sydney (TZ2)

October 30, 2016

In today’s flight review, we travel on board budget airline Scoot’s Business Class (known as “ScootBiz”) red eye service from Singapore’s Changi Airport to Sydney, Australia. The service, which delivers a premium class for economy prices may seem too good to be true – but with ScootBiz that’s an actual thing. It’s best described as […]

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