Santa Clarita Diet

TV Review: Santa Clarita Diet’s second helping is a funny treat of blood, bone and heart

The Undead, Serbian vile, Nazi Lobsters and an ancient taskforce against the supernatural are all stories we hear about on a day to day basis, (are they not?) but when watching Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet‘s second season, they make so much more sense than that entire paragraph I just wrote. Check out the trailer! We…

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TV Review: Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet Season One (USA, 2017)

Now’s your chance to sit back, grab some food and drink, and start the diet. The Santa Clarita Diet! Just over a year ago I would have told you it was silly to even fathom a show’s entire season coming out in one day. It made no sense to me back then, how could they…

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Five reasons you should be excited for Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet

So, you’re looking anxiously through your Netflix list to find the next binge worthy show to eat up. You’ve already had a massive meal with some great sci-fi (Sense 8), comedy (Brooklyn Nine Nine), drama (The Queen) and of course Stranger Things. But now you want something fresh, a little bit of all of the…

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