Ronda Rousey

Film Review: Mile 22 (USA, 2018) succeeds as an unintentional comedy instead of an action film

August 30, 2018

Oh, look! We have another Berg-er joint coming in cinemas! Mile 22 is the fourth collaboration between actor Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg after the three dramatic films that were based on true stories i.e. the biographical war drama Lone Survivor, the disaster film Deepwater Horizon and the crime drama Patriots Day. All of […]

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WWE 2K19 Gets Rowdy With Pre-Order Bonus Character Ronda Rousey

July 12, 2018

WWE’s newest superstar and ‘The Baddest Woman on the Planet’ is set to join WWE 2K19‘s roster as one of two playable pre-order characters, alongside WWE legend Rey Mysterio. After putting the women’s division on notice at a surprise Royal Rumble appearance earlier this year, Rousey will make her WWE video game debut, continuing a […]

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Six People We Want To See Alongside Tom Hardy in Mad Max: The Wasteland

March 2, 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road was arguably THE MOVIE of 2015. We named it our favorite film of 2015 and it’s easy to get excited about George Miller’s follow-up Mad Mad: The Wasteland. While all signs point to Charlize Theron‘s Imperator Furiosa being absent from this next film, Tom Hardy is set to reprise his role as […]

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