Reuben Apirana

Interview: Camp 8 unpacks his brilliant EP Everything

August 19, 2020

There is a distinct skill required in distilling beauty from heartache. Reuben Apirana, the man behind the Camp 8 moniker, may have mastered it on his EP Everything. Produced by Hayden Calnin, the EP’s 22 minutes take you on a journey of heartbreak, loss and, ultimately acceptance. Apirana wears his heart on his sleeve as […]

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Track of the Day: Camp 8 “Shudder” (2019)

September 25, 2019

You might remember Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Reuben Apirana a.k.a. Camp 8 from when we featured his debut single “Everything” earlier in the year. Well, he’s back with two new tracks, “Barbie” and “Shudder”, and whilst Barbie might be the ‘single’, “Shudder” is too beautiful to overlook.  The two tracks once again feature Hayden Calnin on production […]

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