Track of the Day: Camp 8 “Shudder” (2019)

You might remember Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Reuben Apirana a.k.a. Camp 8 from when we featured his debut single “Everything” earlier in the year. Well, he’s back with two new tracks, “Barbie” and “Shudder”, and whilst Barbie might be the ‘single’, “Shudder” is too beautiful to overlook. 

The two tracks once again feature Hayden Calnin on production duties, whilst “Shudder” also features backing vocals from Reuben’s sister Molly Apirana. “Everything” was a beautiful debut, and these two tracks follow in a similar vein. As with that debut single, the vocal performance is the real highlight here. It’s quite understated, but still utterly captivating. 

With “Shudder” Camp 8 and his producer Calnin have got the tone and feel completely spot on. It’s soft, atmospheric and sincere, and all delivered with a sense of effortlessness as well. Each of the three tracks released so far have been of a high quality, and whilst I’d love to be able to sink my teeth into a full length album or an EP, this formula seems to be working wonders for him. So why mess with it. Give “Shudder” a listen below. 

“Shudder” and “Barbie” are available now. You can stream both HERE. Keep up to date with Camp 8 via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Header Image: @Re._Stacks on Instagram

Simon Clark

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