Astral Chain Review: One body, six minds

August 26, 2019

Boy, Nintendo sure have been dropping high profile titles like there’s no tomorrow. It wasn’t that long ago that we got our hands on Fire Emblem: Three Houses and here now we have Astral Chain. This Switch-exclusive got its hooks in early, keeping me from sleeping on a 12-hour flight and some subsequent nights after. […]

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E3 2018: PlatinumGames announces high fantasy title Babylon’s Fall

June 11, 2018

The short cinematic trailer for PlatinumGames’ new title Babylon’s Fall features massive knights brawling with blade and magic.

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Games Review: Bayonetta 2 (Switch, 2018): Cranking the absurdity dial way up

February 15, 2018

Boy, Bayonetta 2 is … a lot, isn’t it? There’s so much going on with this game that I barely know where to start talking about it. Maybe let’s start with the fact that its been re-released on the Nintendo Switch and go from there.

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Video Games Review: NieR: Automata (PS4, 2017) is a violent, gorgeous cut above the rest

March 23, 2017

NieR: Automata is immediately recognisable as a special game, which thrives on its world, characters, mechanics and ultimately the questions it raises and how they are posed to the player. While remaining engaging and thought provoking, platinum games brings back the combat mechanics seen in their previous titles such as Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising […]

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Microsoft cancels Xbox One exclusive Scalebound

January 9, 2017

Microsoft Studios have pulled the plug on PlatinumGames’ forthcoming dragon-centric action title Scalebound after two years of development.

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PlatinumGames is releasing a TMNT game this year and it looks beautiful

January 27, 2016

PlatinumGames (Bayonetta, Transformers Devastation)  have revealed that they’re working on a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game called Mutants in Manhattan and thanks to the trailer they dropped, we can tell you that it looks wonderful. First thing you’ll notice are those sweet cel shaded visuals. Granted, I’ve been a sucker since I first laid eyes on […]

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