Old 505 Theatre

Theatre Review: Mercutio and The Prince of Cats both entertains and confuses its audience at Sydney’s Old 505

November 24, 2019

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is one of the most iconic tragedies of all time. If you’re unfamiliar with this tale of woe – plot spoiler – they die in the end. But Giles Gartrell-Mills, the writer behind Mercutio and The Prince of Cats, isn’t interested in the star-crossed lover’s plight. Instead the play focuses on […]

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Producer Julian Ramundi on The Inspection, real estate and Old 505’s Fresh Works

January 23, 2017

With the prospect owning your own home as distant as one of Saturn’s moons, it seems the majority of Sydney is content with living in a rented apartment/house nowadays. Such living arrangements spurred a production of The Inspection, starring NIDA alumni Julia Christensen premiering at Sydney’s Old 505 Theatre tonight. The producer for the show Julian […]

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Briallen Clarke talks time jumping and Australian playwriting for The Block Universe (Or So It Goes)

June 12, 2016

In The Block Universe time happens simultaneously, so just as you’re reading this interview every other moment in the history of Time is also happening exactly now. Scary huh? We sat down with Briallen Clarke, who stars in the premiere of this new Australian work, to talk about the play’s existential time concept. So… Could you […]

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