Okanagan Valley

Okanagan Valley’s Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa offers unrivalled comfort, luxury and relaxation

May 29, 2018

Travel about 30 minutes north of Kelowna International Airport – the hub of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley in Canada – and you’ll hit the outskirts of Vernon, and the hills which overlook the start of the Okanagan Lake. Here you’ll find destinations like the Predator Ridge Resort and Golf Course, plenty of walking trails and […]

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Introducing Canada’s Okanagan Valley: A one-of-a-kind wine lover’s paradise

May 1, 2018

The Okanagan Valley mightn’t be the first stop travellers think of when they are planning a trip to Canada, but in many ways it should be top of the list for any lovers of beautiful scenery, and locally produced wine. An hour flight from Vancouver – or a four hour drive – heading east across […]

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