Nina Dobrev

Film Review: Sick Girl gets away with its morally questionable premise thanks to a knowing sense of humour

October 19, 2023

The type of film surrounding a character we know we shouldn’t like, Jennifer Cram‘s Sick Girl manages to overcome its central figure’s questionable morals by never asking its audience to forgive her. The “sick girl” in question is Wren Pepper (Nina Dobrev, great), a slacker, party girl-type who’s never grown up in the same manner […]

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Film Review: Flatliners (USA, 2017) shows very little signs of life

October 1, 2017

When a film isn’t pre-screened for media or has its review embargo lifted on the same day of release, you know that the studio isn’t confident in the quality of their product. And this is what happened with the latest remake (although, in recent reports, it is claimed to be a sequel) of Flatliners. At […]

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