Monica Zanetti

Film Review: Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt) is a genuine crowd-pleaser of a LGBTIQ rom-com

Sophie Hawkshaw stars as Ellie, a high school student captain who has a healthy relationship with her overprotective mother Erica (Marta Dusseldorp) and feels content with her existence via her good grades and her source of inspiration through her subject for her assignment Faith Underwood (a cameo by Chiara Gizzi). The main thrust of the…

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Exclusive Interview: Founder Monica Zanetti talks about The Projects Short Film Festival

Ahead of this week’s returning short film festival The Project, Alexandra Koster caught up with the festival’s founder Monica Zanetti to find out more it…. What made you want to create The Projects Short Film Festival? Being a filmmaker myself and going through the submission process for festivals, it became very clear that there simply…

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