Mardi Wilson

Exclusive Single Premiere: Mardi Wilson “Part Time Lover” (2020)

Raw and brutally honest, “Part Time Lover” is the new single from Brisbane singer-songwriter Mardi Wilson. Tt’s a bit of a departure from previous songs like “Runaway” and “Don’t Stop”, lifted from a forthcoming debut album while further highlight Wilson’s undeniable talent at spinning her own feelings and experiences into compelling songs. Based on something…

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Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Mardi Wilson “Landslide” (2018)

Brisbane songwriter¬†Mardi Wilson comes through as a breath of fresh air with her latest single, “Landslide”. The sound is a lovely fusion of acoustic guitar and programmed keys and beats, while Wilson’s lyricism stands out as the strong point – a talented new artist to enter our radar, “Landslide” is a step in a positive…

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